CARA would not exist without our members. We are a small hard working team with a common goal – to speak for those who don’t have a voice.


Nancy H. Cu Unjieng - CARA President 

Nancy H. Cu Unjieng – President 

Nancy dedicates her life to animal welfare. She will fight for every single animal who crosses her path, and has achieved the impossible in many instances. If animals could speak, they would be cheering for Nancy.

Tanya Guerrero , CARA Core Member

Tanya Guerrero – Vice President

Tanya is an author by profession. She is in charge of adoption and rescues.

Claudia Tambunting CARA secretary

Claudia Wilson-Tambunting – Secretary

Claudia ensures the proper management and use of CARA’s important organizational records.

Vera Lim - CARA Trap/Neuter/Return (TNR)

Vera Lim – Trap/Neuter/Return (TNR)

Vera,  a cat lover at heart, liaises with different communities and European NGOs for TNR and funding. TNR is the humane and effective method of controlling community cat populations.

Malin Oskarsson - Trap/Neuter/Return (TNR) and Funding

Malin Oskarsson – Treasurer

Malin is in charge of CARA’s fund management.

Jane Prieto, Trustee

A semi-retired businesswoman, she now oversees CARA’s clinic operation.


Michelle Baena Ciriacruz

Michelle Baena CiriaCruz – Blog

Michelle is a bookworm as well as an animal lover. She founded the CARA Blog Community to help spread awareness on responsible pet ownership and strengthen the group’s online presence. She now serves as the site’s editor in chief.

Ria Ilano – Volunteer Engagement

Ria is a vegan and makes sure to spay and neuter the cats she rescues. She is in charge of welcoming and training new volunteers to represent CARA.

The Ambassadogs: Ginger, T-Bone, and Kimchi

Ginger is the big sister. She guides rescued dogs T-Bone and Kimchi at events, often accompanying dad and mom, Eric and Thea Suguitan.

Gem Faisan for adoption

Gem Faisan – Adoption

Gem is a business manager in the IT industry. At home, she cuddles with Truffles and Muffin (her two Shih Tzus), cooks, bakes, and takes long walks. She is also big on scuba diving.

Ange Fajardo for Social Media

Ange Fajardo – Social Media

Also an active CARA blogger, Ange now manages CARA’s social media (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram). She loves to eat and so does her rescued cat Chokee.

Laguna Pit Bull (LPB) Project

Keith and Mama - Laguna Pit Bull - CARA - Animal Welfare Philippines

Keith Salas –  LPB Sanctuary

Keith has been volunteering since 2013. She adopted Mama, a rescued pit bull, from CARA, in 2014. She is now working full time with the LPBs, guiding their interactions with volunteers and guests, making sure the pit bulls are socialized and preparing them for adoption to loving homes.

Jennie Fajardo-Panes for LPB adoption

Jennie Fajardo-Panes –  Adoption

Jennie is a dog behavior specialist and foster mom to two rescued pit bulls. She is in charge of making sure that all our beloved pit bulls go to loving homes.

Amanda Nab for LPB social media

Amanda Beating – Social Media

Amanda is a creative hard at work to create happy stories for each Laguna pit bull she features on the LPB social media sites.

Antonette Leachon for LPB Website Management

Antonette Leachon – Website Management

Tonette is one of CARA’s bloggers as well as an active LPB volunteer. She is now responsible for revamping Editorial Team

Glady Rosales

Glady Rosales – Associate Editor

Shy Mar

Shy Mar – Assignments Editor

From 2006 to 2015, CARA Clinic spayed and neutered

14,011 cats and 543 dogs

How to Adopt from CARA

How to Adopt from CARA

For more information, visit our Adopt a Pet page.

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