Why Should You Be A Foster Mommy (or Daddy)?

by Pam Luber, a CARA Volunteer

Animal rescue organizations and shelters are faced with the grueling (but rewarding) task of responding to sudden calls of rescuing strays or abused pets all over the metropolis. Despite the lack of space inside their shelters, more often than not these organizations still go through with the rescue without thinking twice, precisely because an animal’s life is at stake and can be threatened if quick decisions aren’t made.

Bacon - CARA rescued cat - pet for adoption - animal welfare in the Philippines

CARA Welfare Philippines is one of those animal welfare organizations who won’t hesitate to do everything they can in order to save a life. Rescues are often immediately brought to partner vet clinics for initial diagnosis and are given the medical assistance they need in order to survive and thrive, funded by the generous donations of members and non-members alike. Once the animal fully recovers, another problem will arise: where will he/she stay?

Overpopulated shelters aren’t uncommon here in the Philippines and like with human institutions, animal welfare organizations want to accommodate as many animals as they could without sacrificing the quality of care given to each and every one of these rescued cats and dogs. That’s why foster homes are badly needed. Aside from managing shelter overpopulation, why should we foster anyway?

Fostering, when used in the animal welfare context, generally refers to the temporary re-homing of a pet, taking it out of a shelter and placing it in the care of a capable foster parent who will help in providing for the pet’s needs. The foster parent’s main responsibility is to take care of the pet as they would care for their own pets until the pet gets adopted by another individual or family.

Lala - CARA rescued dog - pet for adoption - animal welfare in the Philippines

Fostering is very important not only because it decreases shelter overpopulation but it literally gives the rescued pet a chance to learn how it feels to be a part of a family again. We’re talking about animals who have been abused, neglected, and abandoned by their previous owners. We’re talking about strays who are unfamiliar with the concept of being a family pet. Foster parents have the chance to teach these pets how to trust and love humans again. In fact, fostering increases an animal’s chances of being adopted because fostering acts as a form of rehabilitation for them. Foster parents would be the first ones to get to know the pet’s personality and then teach or modify negative traits that might hinder with their future adoption. By being a foster pet, these animals will be able to learn basic pet manners, what to do or what not to do inside the house, which will then help them become more appealing to potential adopters. Imagine watching those happy (and tear-jerking) transformations!

Fostering helps a rescued pet become sociable again, both to their two-legged and four-legged friends. Most of these animals have been traumatized and scared almost all their lives, and if they want a shot at adoption, they need to learn how to properly communicate and engage with potential adopters and potential furry siblings. Walking your foster dog or taking your foster cat around the neighborhood would enable you to meet new people and interact with fellow pet owners as well. Who knew fostering could lead to intense networking?

Fostering doesn’t only help humans but it helps pets as well. Having a foster pet can help your present pet become more sociable to other four-legged creatures. Do you have a really spoiled and snooty cat? Or perhaps have a dog with too much energy for you to handle? Look no more as a foster pet can in fact help you discipline your present pets! And hey, if it all works out great, why not make your foster pet a permanent pet? It’s a win-win situation. You’re happy, your pet is happy, and your former-foster pet has found his/her forever home!

These are just some of the basic reasons as to why you should become a foster mommy (or daddy) now. If you have extra space in your home and in your heart, do not hesitate to help as much as you can by fostering a rescue pet or two. Remember, at the end of the day, you’re saving a life, and your foster pet will be more than happy to repay you with love, gratitude, and lots of furry little kisses.

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