I am sure you have all seen on the news the devastation that hit the Philippines in the form of typhoon Ketsana. The devastation has been unimaginable, people have lost their homes and many have been killed. CARA has been trying to help the often forgotten victims, the animals.

October 7th, 2009 – Montalban Area

Team: Denise Wood (CARA), Barbara Greenwood (CARA), Dr. Rizza Zunio , Dr. Lyn Villarba , Daniel Jon Batinga and Miguel Dominic Alidio

We met Craig Burrows in Montalban. Area is muddy, flooded in places but accessible. Barangay had announced we were coming and people were told to bring their dogs to the basketball court. They had even provided tables and chairs for us and were there helping with the crowds.

  • 159 rabies shots and treated medical cases
  • Distributed collars/leads and dog food
  • Walked through the streets with cat food


October 14th, 2009 – Montalban and De La Costa Area

Team – Denise Wood (CARA), Barbara Greenwood (CARA), Rosemary Yates (CARA), Daemon Becker (CARA), Wayne Davies, Dr. Riza Zunio, Dr. Lyn Villarba, Daniel Jon Batinga and Miguel Dominic Alidio

The sheer volume of people with animals in Montalban area is astounding. Either for anti-rabies or medical assistance, we treated well over 500 animals that morning.

Approximately 460 anti -rabies inoculations

gave out well over 300 bags of food and,

treated at least 50 medical cases.



Next stop was De La Costa. The people are still trying to clear the streets; deep mud and water. Area was previously completely flooded, residents still haven’t recovered, devastation everywhere you look. Most of the animals had not survived in this area.

  • Door to door carrying our medical supplies
  • Treated approximately 20 dogs and 1 cat
  • Fed any animal we came across on the streets













From 2006 to 2015, CARA Clinic spayed and neutered

14,011 cats and 543 dogs

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How to Adopt from CARA

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