How to Understand Your Cat’s Feelings and Emotions Posted on Saturday, 10 December 2011

How to Understand Your Cat’s Feelings and Emotions

For anyone who has been around an infant, you know that it’s pretty easy to tell what the baby is feeling. A smile means she’s happy. When she scrunches up her face and cries…not so much.

But when it comes to furry felines, figuring out emotions can be a bit more difficult. “Cats are always talking — not verbally, but with their bodies,” explains Carole Wilbourn, cat therapist and author of The Total Cat: Understanding Your Cat’s Physical and Emotional Behavior from Kitten to Old Age(Collins). “You can get to know your cat’s language. Be an astute observer, and you’ll be better able to understand what your cat is expressing.”

Here’s how to read your cat’s communications and understand how it really feels…

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