Housetraining Your New Puppy Posted on Friday, 16 December 2011

Housetraining Your New Puppy


Housetraining is the most common problem for dog owners. If left unsupervised, a puppy may never figure out what housetraining is all about. And if over-supervised and harassed, he may become fearful and overanxious.


A happy medium does exist, but many pet owners have trouble making the commitment to methods established by professional dog trainers. In the long run, a few weeks of effort will produce in a housetrained pup with a minimum of stress on both you and your pet.


Housetraining Rule Number 1: Confinement

There are several important things to consider in housetraining. The first of these is confining the dog to a relatively small area that has an easy-to-clean floor and is not isolated (using a playpen is perfect). Far from being cruel, confinement reassures the puppy and allows him to be involved in the surroundings without being overwhelmed with the size or complexity of your entire home.


Confinement keeps little paws and playful teeth out of range, while keeping your dog close to his papers or the door whenever he has the urge to use the bathroom. This means he is more likely to behave correctly and to receive lots of praise and affection from you.




The second important factor in housetraining is praise. Your praise and approval are more important to your puppy than nearly everything else. An angry outburst can lead to him sulking in sadness while a simple pat on the head or a few kind words will set his tail wagging and make him happy. Young puppies respond to praise and encouragement compared to physical correction. Therefore, there is no place for physical punishment.




Consistency is the third part in housetraining. Consistency in schedule, in feeding, in praise and reward, and in verbal reprimand is paramount.


Scolding occasionally for accidents but ignoring others, feeding at irregular intervals, a lack of praise for correct steps toward housetraining will confuse and discourage your puppy. So, be consistent and awareness of your puppy, his needs and urges, and his signals.
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