Your Puppy’s Meal Plan Posted on Friday, 16 December 2011

Your Puppy’s Meal Plan


Most puppies will eat anything and everything, taking down food like its no tomorrow! However, some puppies are picky eaters who tend to play with their food. Most of the time puppies are more interested in what in table food and would rather have what youíre eating. Although different puppies have different taste in dog food, every puppy requires the same nutrition and it is up to you to create your pets meal plan.


The Basics


Itís best to feed your dog a food that is made specifically for their age. You donít want to feed them a diet intended for adult or senior dogs. Puppies need age appropriate dog food. These rules apply to both wet and dry food. Above all else, be sure to find food that is nutritionally balanced.


  • Look for packages that carry a certification by the VMA (Veterinarian Medical Association). Make sure the food is produced in your resident country.
  • Reading the labels will help you to figure out what foods are best for your dog. The ingredient list should start with an animal-based protein, like actual meat and meat-products. Chicken, turkey and lamb are the types of protein youíll want to look for.
  • Branding is also important. Does the company have a good reputation? Have there been any serious health issues concerning the production process? If possible, find a company that does its own manufacturing. This usually makes for a higher quality food.
  • Figure out what type of food you prefer to buy: wet, semi-moist or dry. If you decide that canned food is your best option consider the price, it tends to be more expensive. You should also know that canned food contains a large portion of water. Wet food can also be messing, especially if your dog has a lot of hair around his or her mouth. Dry food is the economical choice and keeps your dogs teeth clean.
  • After you decide on a certain type of food, be sure to buy only a small amount. This method is less costly, and you can change the type of food more easily if your pet doesnít like it. However, if you switch your dogs food frequently, be prepared for diarrhea. Diarrhea is a natural way for your dogs digestive system to act if a change in food occurs.


Feeding Schedule


Once you have selected a food, decide on the puppyís feeding schedule. How many times a day will your dog eat? Different ages need different schedules. For example, a 6-12 week old puppy should be fed 3-6 times a day. From 3-6 months feed 2-3 times a day. At 6-12 months, you should feed only 1-2 times daily.


There are many ways to feed your dog. One way is portion feeding. You feed your puppy a specific amount of food at set times. This sets time for feeding you dog.


The other way is free feeding. You provide the puppy with a bowl of food al the time. While it may be nice for your dog to eat whenever it wants, it can cause problems. If your puppy eats whenever its hungry it can cause weight gain which can lead to obesity. And if puppies eat at their own will they tend to have accidents.


Another way to feed your dog is with a timer. A timed feeding means the dog is given food for a set amount of time. Place the bowl down set the timer and when it goes off, pick up the food. This method has a downside; it may encourage the dog to eat too quickly. This can cause an upset stomach or other tummy problems.


Whichever method you choose is your decision. Talk to other dog owners and make an informed decision. Consider your own schedule when deciding a puppyís feeding routine.
Content written by Jenny Kelly of Oh My Dog Supplies, where you can find a fantastic selection of personalized dog bowls online.

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