Serena Coady on volunteering for CARA Posted on Wednesday, 6 January 2016

CARA - animal welfare in the Philippines - Serena Coady - Volunteer

Serena Coady on volunteering for CARA. 🙋

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a few weeks ago i joined the lovely @CARAwelfarephils as a volunteer and blogger 🐶 of course it was to have all the pats and fuzz cuddles, but CARA is also doing such vital work for animals in need, and if you know me, that’s my damn sweet spot!

check out @CARAwelfarephils to find out how to join and how you could even adopt a cat queen or smiley muttbutt of your very own. #adoptdontshop

Interested in being a CARA volunteer yourself? Click here for more information and to fill up the Membership Application Form.

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My name is Stephanie-Anne Bravo and I'm a 3D artist based in the Philippines. I'm mostly known for my various hobbies and interests, like crocheting, writing short stories, paper folding (origami), 3D modeling, and, of course, my love for ANIMALS. And now,I am a proud CARA Blogger.
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From 2006 to 2015, CARA Clinic spayed and neutered

14,011 cats and 543 dogs

How to Adopt from CARA

How to Adopt from CARA

For more information, visit our Adopt a Pet page.

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