Mama Crosses the Rainbow Bridge Posted on Thursday, 9 June 2016

Unfortunately, second chances don’t always happen.


CARA - Animal Welfare in the Philippines - Mama Dog - Across the Rainbow Bridge1


Mama deserved hers but she was too badly broken, her body and her spirit taken away by the cruel hands of man. She had just given birth to puppies, dumped like trash on EDSA. Perhaps she was disoriented, desperate to get back to her babies. She didn’t see the car coming, and it didn’t stop. Mama lay on the side of the road with a fractured leg, an injured hip, a spinal cord injury and wounds all over. We tried to save her, but it was no use; her will to live was gone, and now she’s gone too.


Sorry we couldn’t give you that second chance, Mama. Run free now and take care of all those babies up there in the Rainbow Bridge. They need a Mama like you over there. #AcrosstheRainbowBridge


Reported by Stephanie Lim

Posted by Stacey Vazquez


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