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Are you a school, business, or local government official and you would like to promote responsible pet ownership and animal welfare in your organization or area, maybe as part of your corporate social responsibility or advocacy programs?

Do invite CARA as we have volunteer speakers that you can tap for your activities!

CARA Education on Responsible Pet Ownership - Invite Speakers Poster

Meet the ambassaDOGS, Kimchi, Ginger, and T-Bone! 

Kimchi and T-Bone are rescued dogs while Ginger is their adoptive big sister. They are always accompanied by their human parents and CARA volunteers.

Our teaching programs center on the following:

  1. Showing compassion to living creatures
  2. Responsible pet ownership, which includes spaying/neutering pets
  3. Pet adoption
  4. That there is a law, the Animal Welfare Act of 1990 or RA 8485 strengthened by RA 10631, protecting animals from harm
  5. Trap-Neuter-Release (TNR)
  6. Laguna Pit Bulls Project

So far, CARA speakers and ambassaDOGS have visited Poveda, British School Manila, University of the Philippines – Diliman, Far Eastern University, University of the Philippines Integrated School, The Children’s Ark Preparatory School, Adamson University, Beacon School, One World School, and Cradle of Joy Progressive School, and Ateneo University.

CARA chief speaker, Eric Suguitan, says educating the public, especially children, on responsible pet ownership is paramount. 

How to Invite CARA to speak about responsible pet ownership:

  1. Send us an invitation with event details through
  2. We will check the availability of the CARA speakers and ambassaDOGS. If they are available on the event dates, we shall immediately let you know.
  3. There is no speaker fee–our speakers are all volunteers–but we do encourage you to donate to CARA. There are several ways to donate:
    • Donation of one or more of the following: canned dog food and/or cat food, dry dog food and cat food, cat litter, other pet stuff (but not shampoo/soap as CARA already has enough of this).
    • “Pass the hat” among attendees, students, teachers.
    • Outright monetary donation. A school may write a letter to the parents to encourage them to donate.

The donated items are then collected over a period of time, say two weeks prior to the visit. If more donations come in after the visit, then a CARA representative can pick them up later.

Donations will help fund the medical and food expenses of rescued pets.

Ria Ilano - CARA - responsible pet ownership and animal welfare educationBianca Magbujos CARA Volunteer CARA AmbassaDOG T-Bone Cath Huang, Rozylyn Torres, Felmar Jogno, Eric Suguitan CARA Volunteers Eric Suguitan CARA Volunteer

Looking forward to working together towards a more compassionate society! Invite CARA at


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How to Adopt from CARA

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