Happy Ending for Kubi Posted on Wednesday, 26 April 2017

We received a message last Friday from someone about three abandoned dogs in their village. She was able to find a home for one of the dogs and needed to bring the dog to the adopter’s home. She called the CARA clinic but since our van and catcher were not available at that time, our volunteers guided her on what she can do.

The next day, she reported to us that the dog, Kubi, was already with the adopter! She was able to lure Kubi into a cage and then hired a taxi for transportation.

It warms our hearts whenever we see individuals step up and make a difference in their own way for our animals in need. During the times when animal welfare organizations like CARA are not able to help due to limited resources, we always hope that you can try to find a way and do your part. You don’t have to be a full-time volunteer or have a lot of money–you can help in whatever way you can. In this case, her small act of kindness was able to change Kubi’s whole life.

You too can adopt a dog or cat by following the instructions here: http://www.caraphil.org/mainsite/get-involved/adopt-a-pet

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Reported by Stephanie Lim. Posted by Trix Deseo.

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How to Adopt from CARA

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