Too Many Stray Animals Where You Work or Live? Call us! Posted on Friday, 19 May 2017

So, too many stray cats in your area? Does calling the city pound to catch strays work in eradicating your problem? Local officials have been resorting to this for ages and yet the number of strays just seem to be rising.

CARA has a proposal for you. Why not call us and we shall conduct TNR in your area?

TNR stands for Trap-Neuter-Return. Our catchers are trained in gently handling stray cats. We bring the animals to our clinic in Mandaluyong and perform spaying or neutering. Two to three days after surgery, we shall return them to where we found them. They can no longer reproduce, even if unneutered/unspayed animals enter their area.

Science has proven that TNR is a more effective way of managing the stray population. It is also humane.

What is TNR?

TNR is a universal campaign effort adapted by animal shelters/organizations targeting the maintenance of feral cat population. These are cats that roam a certain area be it of a neighborhood, school, village, or club. They are not owned by anyone but can be under the care of certain groups/management body. The primary purpose of TNR is to control their population by preventing them to reproduce. The Trap-Neuter-Return Program is a three-part process as follows:

  1. Trap: animals are caged and transported to veterinary clinic
  2. Neuter: inside the clinic, the animals are prepped for the surgical removal of their reproductive organs (spay or neuter). They are sedated through anesthesia and skin shaved/sterilized. The surgery ends with tipping, the removal of a small portion of the topmost part of a cat’s ear, to indicate the cat has been spayed/neutered.
  3. Return: after a given amount of time to recover, they are set free and transported back to their area of origin.

The logistics behind the TNR Program, capturing and transportation of animals, pre- and post- recovery, are usually coordinated with a veterinary clinic. Clinic staff will assist in each of these steps along with the help of the people who brought in the animals to be spayed or neutered.

Don’t wait! Contact us now and help make a difference where you live and work.

CARA Clinic
175 Lopez Rizal St. cor. Samat St., Mandaluyong City
+632 5323340 /0919 579 0047

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by Angelina Fajardo

  • JM

    Hello, I am from Bacoor Cavite., How can CARA help me? I have rescued cats which I am interested to be spayed/neutered however Mandaluyong is too far from me. What are my options? Looking forward to your response.

  • Annabelle Manlapaz Rint

    Hi I’m Belle from Pasig. Four years ago, I rescued an abused stray kitten now there are 18 of them and I can no longer sustain them. I’m a full-time mom and my husband’s salary is less than 15K. I am thinking of sending them back to the street. Please help me.

    • Thanks so much for rescuing

      CARA is run by volunteers who are just like and we have no shelter. We rescue animals on a case to case basis, and only if there will be sponsors and fosters who will step up. It depends on volunteer availability and our resources. We also rely on donations.

      Please do not lose hope. I suggest you call out to friends to adopt some of them. You may also bring your pets to the CARA clinic near Shaw Blvd. for spaying/neutering. One at a time. Neutering is only P650.

      In the long run, this will ease your burdens as your cats will stop multiplying beyond your ability to take care of them.

      For details, go to

      Hope this helps.

  • R. Luto

    Hi, I’m Rose from Imus Cavite. I have a 3cats 5yrs ago and now they are all 27, half of the cats are indoor and half are outdoor. Me and my family try our best to take care and feed them even the maintainance are so high, sometimes we are struggling already to afford but we never give up on them. But the problem is our neighbors complaining already about the poops of the cats in their property. Take note we are not the only household that have a cats inside our subdivision so we are not sure if that was all our cats poops. We dont want to argue, instead we rather take some action about the complaint. Bcoz we dont want a gap with our neighbors and we also understand theyre point of view.
    Some of my cats have died because of cruelty from the neighborhoods (sinasagasaan ng car, pinapana, hinahampas ng kung ano anong bagay, reason na maputol ang buto sa paa or minomolistya. I have a cat that have one eye bcoz some of my neighbor poke his eyes. And we need to spend alot for the cat hospitalization to survive. Me and my family are animal lover, we love our cats so much but we have no choice now, we need to take some action about the neighbors complaint. We inform our family vet (Vetsnook Molino) regarding on this matter. She advice as to contact CARA for some advice or help. Please we really need your help, ASAP. We dont know what to do anymore. Hoping your kind consideration.
    Rose B. of Imus Cavite (09776894262)

    • Thanks so much for being such a pet lover.

      Please do not lose hope. I suggest you call the CARA clinic. CARA’s TNR team will go to your house to pick up your cats to be spayed/neutered at the clinic. (minimum 10 cats)

      Or you can bring your cats to the clinic one at a time for S/N one at a time.

      Neutering is only P650 for male puspins.

      In the long run, this will ease your burdens as your cats will stop multiplying beyond your ability to take care of them.

      For details, go to

      As to reporting animal abuse, please go to your barangay and police and file a report. That is the first step. CARA only have volunteers who are ordinary folks like you. We can do little if reporters will not file a case with the appropriate authorities.

      Hope this helps.

  • Marly Santillan

    Hi, I am Marly from Cabuyao Laguna. Our problem here is our neighbor dogs that poops anywhere in our neighborhood grounds. We already told the owner to please don’t let them out of their house or put a tie on it if they open their door but they didn’t listen. I wake up early with my 4 months son and poops anywhere I saw and smells so bad. We’re all irritated of that poops. What should we do? Please help us. Thank you

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