Despite the Heartbreak of Losing Almond, a Volunteer is Determined to Continue On Posted on Monday, 12 June 2017

Despite our best efforts and all the love we can give, we lose some. Just a few days ago, we lost Almond, one of our beloved pit bulls rescued from a dog-fighting syndicate five years ago, to a bone marrow illness. A CARA volunteer, Jennie Fajardo-Panes, who works closely with the Laguna Pit Bulls and has spent much time with Almond would like to share her thoughts about Almond’s passing. She hopes it will inspire volunteers to keep going despite the heartbreaks.

“Hi! My name was Almond. If I was given a family name, it would have been Naughty. And if I was given a middle name, it would have been Very. And oh I was loved by many!”

Almond Laguna Pit Bull

Almond was the very first pit bull I listed down under “Next In Line” (meaning, next to get adopted) until I got to walk him… He wasnt aggressive but he had quirks (dont we all?)

Though it didn’t take much to teach him to be “civil” 😃 This boy was fantastic! Such sharp mind. He had impeccable focus and willingness to work. He was that dog who would selflessly die for his human.

He passed away this morning and I was miles away from him. If I could turn back time, I would try harder to get him adopted. Teach him more. Even challenge my hubby’s 4-dog rule. It was once a 1-dog rule.

I was going to feel a failure. I was going to cower in one corner and feel sorry and let the pain immobilize me.

But I don’t want to fail Almond again by giving up. There are more of his brothers and sisters at the center who need all the help.

I will continue for him.

Goodbye for now, my love. Fly Mond, fly! Fly high! I will see you again.

Almond Laguna Pit Bull

Thank you to all who made Almond feel so special — CARA, Nancy H. Cu Unjieng, CARA volunteers, his titas and titos (my friends), my husband, my mom, all the Pup Culture staff, Mdj Creativmemories, Joy Segovia Glory, Beterinaryo Sa Fort, Pet Project. Thank you also to Nana and Q for enduring Almond’s antics during our sessions 😬

Thank you to Keith and her dog, Titan for selflessly donating blood to Almond. That gave him a few more months to live ❤️ To Shaggy the pit bull for the blood on stand by for Almond.

Thank you Jay Jao for capturing special moments of Almond and I! Thank you too for working on him every time I couldnt make it at the center ❤️

Oh my gosh, so much love and support from everyone! ❤️❤️❤️

To all our fellow volunteers and everyone involved in animal welfare, let us keep fighting. Let us say “no” to compassion fatigue. Grieve, grieve, and maybe rage–but let us not turn our back on love.


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