Chica the Rescued Husky Dog is Up for Adoption Posted on Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Chica is a healthy Siberian Husky female, approximately 4 years old. She has a friendly disposition, very energetic and playful.
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Chica will be up for adoption very soon (she just needs to be spayed and vaccinated) and we are looking for a loving home where her high-maintenance needs will be met. This includes grain-free food, supplements, exercise, cooler environment and a garden.
Please visit this link for more information regarding our adoption process and for a copy of our adoption form.



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If you can’t adopt, foster.
If you can’t foster, donate.
If you can’t donate, volunteer.
If you can’t volunteer, spread the word.

You can help.

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How to Adopt from CARA

How to Adopt from CARA

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