Volunteer Helps Rescued Pit Bulls Recover, Named Hero by Thomson Reuters Posted on Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Jae Honrado, a CARA volunteer, has been picked by Thomson Reuters Global Volunteer Network under the Community Investment Group as the community champion for the month of July.

The Global Volunteer Network is Thomson Reuters’ way of encouraging its employees to use their skills outside of work by volunteering to charitable institutions. Regular employees are granted two volunteer days every year to support their causes. 

Jae, a volunteer since 2015, was nominated by Manila’s Network lead, Jennete Camalig, for her contributions to the Save the Laguna Pit Bulls (LPB) Project. 

“I saw a post about the Laguna Pit Bulls with my friend Pach in it. I asked her if I can join her in the next visit,” shared Jae. 

She did not only join the visit but also brought other volunteers to feed and play with the pit bulls rescued by CARA from a dog fighting den in Laguna.

Jae with LPB volunteers from Thompson Reuters
“As an LPB volunteer, she is masipag, and she really cares for the pitties in the center. She does not only volunteer for CARA but for other orgs as well, which already had the chance to get funding from her, too,” said Joan dela Cruz Pachingel (Pach).

Jae introduced the LPB project in one of the company’s town hall meetings where several people expressed their interest to join her cause. She was able to invite 10 Thompson Reuters employees to volunteer at the shelter, and secure a USD 1,000 Community Champions grant for CARA Welfare Philippines.

“Of course, as a CARA volunteer, I chose it for the Community Champions grant. I also already fell in love with the pitties,” said Jae. “I also learned that there are a lot of animal lovers in the company so I took advantage of that.”

Jae Honrado
Jae’s love for rescue dogs started when she rescued and adopted Kabuchi, an abandoned aspin. But when Kabuchi died, the circumstances didn’t allow her to take care of another dog. 

“At the time, I was really looking for something to give back and devote my time to. That’s when I decide that hey I want to do this. Since I cannot have a dog of my own yet, I’ll just volunteer to pet them pitties,” said Jae.

Jae aims to show people that animal cruelty exists–and we can do something about it. 

“Everyone has a heart that cares even if you feel that you do not have the time or skill to do so. All it takes is for you to commit and decide to try it,” shared Jae. “Just find that one thing you love then it wouldn’t feel like work because you enjoy what you’re doing.”

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