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If you’re a pet owner with a fulltime job, chances are you’ve had to leave your pet overnight at least once in order to attend to pressing work matters, including travel. Or, sometimes, that much-awaited vacation, unfortunately, doesn’t allow you take your furbaby with you. Pet boarding services, luckily, are becoming more popular in the Philippines—think of it as a hotel service for your cats and dogs, so you won’t have to call in any favors from family or friends to take care of your pet while you are gone.

You may argue that those closest to you would be the one most willing to take in your pet while you are away, but keep in mind that they have their own daily agenda, too, and there is the possibility that they will also have to leave your pet, or be too busy to attend to him/ her. A pet boarding facility is run by professionals, and they are dedicated to providing round-the-clock care for the animals under their care. 

On top of that, pet boarding also offers your pet:

  • Security. Pet boarding facilities ask for updated vaccination records for all animals they take in, so you can rest assured knowing your cat or dog is in good company. 
  • Socialization. While you’re away, your furbaby can play with newfound friends in a pet boarding facility, which improves his/her social skills. 
  • Exercise, nutrition, and wellbeing. Pets in a boarding facility are engaged in activities so they get the ample amount of exercise they need, on top of quality food and attention. 

Knowing your pet is under expert care will lessen the stress for you both while you are not together. 

Here in CARA, our affordable pet boarding facility is ready to take care of your cats and dogs when you are away. When you choose our facility, you automatically contribute to the organization’s cause, too, as all proceeds will go directly to the CARA’s animal welfare initiatives. 

CARA’s dog boarding rates vary depending on your pet’s size, which will be based on his/her height and weight as measured by our groomer:

Small – P300 per night

Medium – P400 per night

Large – P500 per night

Extra Large – P600 per night

As for cats, CARA has a standard boarding rate of P300 per night.

We also have a few requirements for your pet’s stay:

  • Two valid government IDs 
  • Pet’s vaccination record 
  • A 50-percent downpayment (remaining balance to be paid upon checkout) 
  • Copy of the boarding form, to be given upon checkout 
  • Your pet’s necessary medications 

The CARA Boarding for a Cause facility is located in our clinic at 175 Lopez Rizal St. cor. Samat St., Mandaluyong City. Reservations are required through tel. 5323340 or email Indicate in your email your name, your dog’s name, and your boarding dates, and then await email confirmation from our end. Once your booking dates are confirmed, you may deposit the downpayment to our bank account within a week of receiving the email from our admin. Once downpayment is made, email deposit slip to to finalize your booking. 

Some other reminders: 

  • By appointment only. Walk-ins are not allowed.
  • For the safety of the other animals in the clinic, CARA reserves the right to refuse boarding for pets that show visible signs/symptoms of fleas/ticks, colds, flu, or any fatal/infectious diseases.
  • Each cage can only accommodate one (1) pet at a time.
  • Pet boarding is done on a first come first, served basis, booked through call or email only. Reservations placed through our social media accounts will not be considered valid. 
  • Maximum boarding for all pets is one (1) month.
  • Reservations before the intended boarding will be forfeited/given to the next client if there is no partial or full amount paid one (1) week after the day clinic confirms your reservation. In case of no-show on day of intended boarding, 70 percent of the deposited amount will be taken as an inconvenience fee. The other 30 percent will be reimbursed through the owner’s bank account accordingly. (Email deposit slip to
  • Owner should pick up his/her pet on the last day of the boarding period not later than 5pm. If you are not picking up your pet yourself, please provide an authorization letter to the one doing the pickup instead.
  • In case of extension of stay, which should not exceed a total of one (1) month since first date of boarding, kindly inform our clinic via email at least a day before last day of the booking.
  • Owner must provide any and all special diets, medicine, or other aides that the pet needs for his/her duration of the stay, as well as instructions on how to administer/use them.
  • Owner may bring the pet’s pillow or personal stuffed toys for comfort.

Finally, you may also bring your pet’s preferred dog food; otherwise, the clinic can provide this, for an extra charge. 

We hope to see you and your pet soon! 

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