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Donate to CARA

Since CARA was established by a group of like-minded animal welfare advocates 20 years ago, the organization has relied on the generosity of its patrons and donors. This has sustained the organization’s efforts, and continues to fuel the group’s drive to help in the improvement of animals’ lives across the Philippines. 

While the nonprofit, nongovernment organization actively searches for adopters of rescued animals, they also understand that not everyone can open their home to a pet—but many are interested, still, to provide whatever assistance they can. CARA enjoins these individuals through the Sponsor A Pet program. Under this program, a sponsor provides for the food, vaccinations, medical care, neutering/spaying, and even toys of his/her beneficiary; those usually needing sponsorship are long-term residents in CARA’s shelter who will most likely never be adopted because of a number of issues. 

Sponsorship of a cat costs $15 a month, or just $170 a year; for a dog, $25 a month, and $285 a year. 

Outside of the Sponsor A Pet program, CARA accepts monetary donations through online channels such as PayPal ( and, or bank deposit. Bank details are as follows: 

[insert table of account details here] 

Donations in kind are most welcome, too! CARA is always in need of food for their rescue cats and dogs, as well as medication such as Advocate – (Bayer Health Care), Frontline Plus, Ivermectin (Merial), Revolution (Pfizer), and Biomectin. If you are willing and able to provide these, please drop off your donations at the CARA Clinic, 175 Lopez Rizal St. cor. Samat St., Mandaluyong City; tel. 02-5323340; mobile 0919-5790047. 

Alternatively, you may call the clinic to arrange for dropoff at other possible locations.

Any help will go a long way in CARA’s mission to help as many animals as we can. Thank you for your generosity!

Adopt a pet from CARA

CARA has one ultimate goal for all cats and dogs in the Philippines: to connect them with loving humans who can provide them with the home they deserve. The organization believes that finding these pets forever homes is the more sustainable approach to ensuring their welfare, instead of simply housing them in a shelter, where resources can become scarce or, worse, run out. 

CARA has over 100 cats awaiting adoption in its clinic in Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila. Through the Adopt A Cat From Kath program, launched this year in time for CARA’s 20th anniversary, the organization is ramping up its adoption efforts for these pets, thanks to the support of the program’s ambassador Kathryn Bernardo, one of the Philippines’ most talented and sought-after actors. 

If you’re still on the fence about adoption, here are a few reasons that support CARA’s advocacy:  

  • First and foremost, you are saving a life when you choose to adopt, instead of buying from puppy and kitten mills—which, sadly, sell to pet stores—that prioritize profit rather than animal health and welfare. The less patronage these mills receive, the less incentive they have for continuing such an inhumane industry. 
  • Second, when you adopt, you get all the help that you need, as animal rescue groups will walk you through the process of welcoming a new pet step-by-step—something a pet store wouldn’t typically offer. Because rescue groups, such as CARA, are familiar with the animals’ history, they are more invested in their wellbeing, and will therefore work more closely with you and support you even after the adoption. 
  • You also become part of a much larger cause when you adopt, because doing so allows a shelter to give that free space to another homeless, abandoned, or stray animal. The simple act of adopting already helps a lot in addressing the Philippines’ problem surrounding the growing population of homeless animals. 
  • Finally, adopting is more practical! Animals up for adoption are usually mixed breeds, which are likely to live longer and cost you less vet bills. 

So, ready to adopt? CARA asks that you take these factors into consideration, too:  

  • Your financial resources. Adoption costs P1,200 for a dog, and P800 for a cat. Keep in mind that you will also have to keep your pet’s vaccinations up to date, and that any health problems will need the attention of a vet. 
  • Your place of residence. If you’re renting, make sure your landlord allows pets in the building. Consider also the fact that the pet you are adopting needs stability, so if moving to another country is in the pipeline, you may need to rethink your plans. 
  • The other members of your household. If the adoption is meant for you to have a family pet, ensure first that all members agree with this life-changing decision. 
  • Your pet’s daily needs. Once you adopt a pet, he or she will depend on you for many years—which is why you need to be sure that you are ready to embrace the lifestyle that comes with being a pet owner. From food to exercise to attention, your pet will need you to fulfill his or her everyday needs. 

If you’ve given pet adoption a green light, then congratulations, and thank you! CARA welcomes your generosity and love. To help you further in the adoption process, do take the time to read through the policies written below; CARA has put these in place to help both you and your future pet ease into your new life together. 

For both cats and dogs, the adopted animal must be provided with fresh water and good quality food twice daily. Veterinary treatment must be provided to ensure your pet’s well-being, and this includes updating his/her vaccinations annually. If the pet you chose is over six months old, he/she would have already been neutered. However, those younger have not have the necessary operation, and in such cases, an advance payment is required for the spaying/neutering, which will be performed in CARA’s clinic following a pre-arranged schedule. 

When ready for pickup, the cat or dog must be and placed in a CARA-approved carrier, or transported in a private vehicle.  

In terms of living conditions, dogs must be placed in a secure or fenced area of your home that provides adequate shelter, either indoors or outdoors, where he/ she can freely roam. Cats, on the other hand, must be kept indoors; make sure doors and gates leading outside are always closed. CARA also recommends that you fit windows with fly screens, also to prevent them from wandering outside. However, for some cases, the adopted cat may be allowed to go to an indoor/outdoor home. To keep surroundings clean, a litter box must be provided for your pet cat—and should be cleaned diligently. 

Dogs pack a lot of energy, so remember to walk them twice everyday in a responsible manner. 

It is part of CARA’s policy to do home visits, to ensure that the terms of the adoption agreement are being met. Failure to follow the agreement will result to the termination of the adoption. And, if, for any reason, you cannot keep your adopted pet, you must notify CARA immediately and return the animal to the organization. 

Lastly, the adoption fee for both cats and dogs is nonrefundable. 

Excited to meet your new pet? Download the adoption form <hyperlink>here<hyperlink>, fill it out, then email to to start your journey! 


CARA and its would not have thrived for over two decades without its group of dedicated volunteers, who work tirelessly to ensure the animals under their care are given homes, or simply provided what they need to have a better life. These volunteers are also responsible for the nitty gritty back-office work required to run the organization; truly, they are the key to CARA’s survival and growth. 

We continue to reach out to like-minded animal lovers who are willing to take on the work that CARA does. We have four teams, each with their own set of talents and skills, wherein you will be assigned depending on what you can for the organization. These teams are: Team Adoption, the group that takes care of pet turnover, as well home visits and followup checks on both the adopter and the animal; Team Media, composed of bloggers, graphic artists, photographers, videographers, and managers of CARA’s social media platforms and website; Team Educator, responsible for CARA’s talks and workshops, volunteer orientation, and awareness program through school and community visits; and Team Events, those who ensure CARA’s special events are executed without any hiccups. 

If you’re on the fence about joining CARA as a volunteer, here are a few great reasons to do so: 

  • You get to meet like-minded people who share your enthusiasm for animal welfare;
  • You get to support a cause you believe in, and have a fulfilling experience while you’re at it;
  • You receive the opportunity to build confidence and self-esteem, as well as learn new skills, or develop existing ones; and
  • You spend time and energy doing something you love, and become part of a close-knit community.

Convinced that you should be a CARA volunteer? Just tick off these initial requirements so you can get started as soon as possible:

  • Accomplish the volunteer <hyperlink>application form<hyperlink> (only those 18 years old and above are eligible); 
  • Pay the P500 annual membership fee (nonrefundable), which will be used to support the Laguna Pitbull Sanctuary. You may transfer this through our BPI account (over the counter or online) CARA Welfare Philippines C/A 3121-1984-86, or Welfare Ph; and
  • Attend the CARA volunteer orientation; the exact date will be provided upon submission of the complete application form.

Once your membership has been approved, you will be sent an email with the link to the CARA Volunteering Opportunities Facebook group, which will allow you to keep yourself up-to-date on all the latest projects. Senior volunteers regularly call out for volunteers so please make sure you stay tuned. 

CARA volunteers are also expected to:

  • Schedule a visit to the Laguna Pit Bull Sanctuary (send an email to to set an appointment);
  • Render 20 hours of volunteer work per quarter;
  • Participate in one of CARA’s four aforementioned committees / teams. Every member is required to join a committee of their choice;
  • Attend 50 percent of CARA general meetings (usually held once a month), which are outside the volunteer work hours; 
  • Fully support CARA’s policies and philosophy; 
  • Be a proactive team player, because fighting for animal welfare in the Philippines is one tough journey; and
  • Be aware of relevant current events through the CARA Facebook group, which requires  regular internet access.

If you would like to become a feeder instead, CARA has a specific program for the cats in Bonifacio Global City in collaboration with the Cats of BGC group. One need not be part of CARA’s official volunteer program to become part of this initiative. <hyperlink> Click here<hyperlink> to sign up.

Volunteers have been the backbone of CARA’s success throughout the past two decades—we look forward to seeing you become part of our growing family!

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How to Adopt from CARA

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