Palengkets Posted on Friday, 26 June 2020

‘PalengKets’ to educate more Filipinos on need for Trap/Neuter/Return program for cats 

For the past two decades, CARA has been implementing its Trap/Neuter/Return program in select areas in the Philippines’ urban capital to humanely address the issue of the growing population of animal strays. Last year, in an effort to expand the initiative to the grassroots level, the organization launched “PalengKets,” a similar program initiative that aims to spay/neuter cats in public markets while educating merchants in these places about the importance of this treatment for animals. (“Palengkets” is a play on the words “palengke,” which is Filipino for “market,” and cats.) 

So far, CARA, through PalengKets, has been able to spay/neuter feline strays living in Farmer’s Market in Araneta Center, Cubao, Quezon City. Like the organization’s many other initiatives, PalengKets owes it success to the generosity of individual donors, volunteers, and major sponsor such as FireBird Gamefarm. Spaying/neutering cats in these areas would ensure their health and wellbeing, and at the same time, help control the animal population from growing uncontrollably. 

Over 20 cats were spayed/neutered last year in Farmer’s Market; CARA’s next target community markets are those of Pasig City, San Andres Market in Manila, Guadalupe in Makati City, and another in Quezon City, Nepa-Q Mart. CARA is asking donors to spare just P1,000 for PalengKets, which will cover the cost of the spaying/neutering, as well as the store-to-store education campaign which the organization will be conducting also in these markets. 

That P1,000 donation will go a long way and help sustain CARA’s program for these markets’ feline inhabitants. Should you be interested in providing financial aid, please visit to donate online, or make a deposit to CARA’s BPI account (account number: 3191-0467-05). Your support is highly appreciated! 

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