Where and HOW you can help.

The CARA committees:

  • Adoption / Foster
  • Adoption Events
  • Animal Rescue
  • Direct Animal Care (Clinic)
  • Education
  • Fundraising Events
  • Laguna Pit Bulls (LPB) Project
  • Media / P.R.
  • Trap – Neuter – Return
  • Website Development

Please read on for a description of each committee and what is expected /required of volunteers. 


Responsible for placing rescued animals in foster homes and helping them find forever homes

 A CARA adoption booth at The Fort. We hold these adoption events regularly to try to find good homes for our ever increasing number of rescues.

Volunteers may help out in:

  • Documenting available rescues for foster and adoption (in partnership with the Animal Rescue Team)
  • Looking for potential adopters
  • Coordinating and conducting home visits (by members who are experienced around animals)
  • Arranging the transport of animals
  • Maintaining the fosters data base (excel file)
  • Sourcing funds for the fosters
  • Organizing adoption events


  • Basic computer skills and email access daily
  • Good people skills – you will be interacting a lot with the public
  • Preferably with own transport (for meeting with potential adopters and fosters)



Organizes and promotes CARA’s adoption events

Volunteers are expected to:

  • Help by sourcing new venues for adoption events.
  • Help organize these events.
  • Promote events in coordination with the Media Committee.



The Animal Rescue Team helps coordinate with concerned citizens and investigates potential cases for rescue.

How volunteers may help:

  • Identify animals in need of rescue and coordinate this with the team.
  • Assist with the rescue of an animal (time must be flexible and it would help if you have your own transportation)
  • Check on and care for the rescued animals confined at the clinics.
  • Respond to reports posted on CARA’s social networking sites.
  • Document the rescues.
  • Help raise funds for the rescues.
  • Identify veterinary medical volunteers and clinics to help out.
  • Work with Education and Media teams to drive awareness about rescued animals.



Responsible for the medical care of our fosters and rescues

 The clinic is open 7 days a week. There is always something that needs doing there.

Volunteers shall help:

  • With maintenance of the clinic (feeding, cleaning, etc.)
  • Manage animal morale (play with cats, walk the dogs, etc.)
  • Perform administrative duties (receive and answer inquiries, organize paperwork, etc.)
  • (If in veterinary medical practice) Assist in surgery.


  • Computer literate – for helping out in administrative work
  • Punctual.
  • Has good people skills (for receiving visitors and potential adopters)
  • A team player.



Helps spread awareness about animal welfare, primarily through education programs (for barangays, schools, etc.)

The education team visits local schools to teach in an interesting and informative manner about responsible pet ownership. We have a program designed around two cartoon characters, Caloy and Sara, who the children can really relate to.

In addition we work to educate the general public, local government offices and village associations about animal welfare and showing compassion to their fellow beings. We also make it clear there is an Animal Welfare Act that protects animals from harm.

Volunteers shall help in:

  • Creating presentations (powerpoint, AVPs)
  • Organizing talks and workshops
  • Identifying schools, barangays, and other organizations needing animal welfare education
  • Speak or present during seminars or talks


  • Presentation skills and fluency in Pilipino and/or English.
  • Love of children and lots of patience (for the school work).
  • Excellent people skills; this area has all to do with communication.
  • Has own transport or knows his/her way taking public transport (You will need to travel to the schools).

Note: Training will be given on the relevant material.



We always need fresh, new ideas.

 CARA Golf Fundraiser March 2010

Volunteers shall help in:

  • Conceptualizing, organizing/planning, and implementing events for CARA
  • Fundraisers
  • Events where CARA is a beneficiary
  • Corporate partnership events
  • Hosting and preparing materials for presentation
  • Manning the CARA booth during the events
  • Post-event documentation (in coordination with the Media Committee)
  • Relationship-building with CARA donors and contributors



Please visit helpsavethepitbulls.com for more information on this CARA special sub-project.

Volunteers shall:

  • Visit the pit bulls on a regular basis.
  • Help rehabilitate the dogs through play, human socialization, basic training, exercise, grooming.
  • Help in the maintenance of the center.
  • Help in administrative work.


Creates awareness of the LPB Project among members of the media.

Volunteers may choose from the following areas:


  • Write pre- and post-event articles for the press
  • Write profiles of the dogs


  • Network with TV, radio, media
  • Compile information materials (articles, photographs, videos) for distribution
  • Compile a list of media contacts


Establishes relationships and liaisons with media and other organizations to help promote CARA’s causes

Volunteers may choose from the following areas:


  • Write press releases, feature articles, news articles for the website
  • Attend CARA events and write a post-event article for posting on the website
  • Write profiles of animals
  • Create captions for photos
  • Write content for presentations


  • Take photographs during events for documentation
  • Take photos of the animals for adoption galleries or other PR materials


  • Design posters & other promotional and presentation materials (AVPs) for CARA


  • Assist in answering inquiries/responding to reports on Facebook
  • Help update Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media channels for CARA


  • Fluent English speaker, with conversational Tagalog a plus (but not
  • necessary)
  • Have good writing skills, (knowledge of Press Releases a plus)
  • Have good communication skills
  • Be an outgoing person
  • Have a basic knowledge of the Philippine media
  • Contacts in various Media outlets a plus!



Please read Trap/Neuter/Return for reference.

Work needed within this committee:

The TNR Coordinator:

  • Introduces TNR program to barangays, villages, commercial establishments (briefing on TNR and what it entails)
  • Prepares TNR documents and related materials.
  • Oversees TNR implementation.
  • Assists in the solicitation of funding to be able to do charity TNR especially in areas where cats have a food source
  • Prepares MOA with the other party

TNR Committee Volunteers:

  • Coordinate scheduled catching with clinic, catchers and van
  • Oversee actual catching and will be the authority to explain the process to onlookers
  • Label each cage as it is caught: description of cat, gender, exact location, ear notch requirement, other pertinent info
  • Look for volunteer homes for recovery if needed
  • Oversee the release/return of cats and solicits cooperation of onlookers to ensure cat’s well-being


  • A quiet and calm personality; the cats are feral and need careful handling. (Training in how to trap will be given.)
  • Works well under pressure.
  • Preferably with own transport (we trap in various locations).



Work needed within this committee:

  • Posting articles on the website
  • Administration, updating and maintenance of the website
  • Managing the website in coordination with webmaster


  • Proficiency in WordPress
  • Regular access to the internet

From 2006 to 2015, CARA Clinic spayed and neutered

14,011 cats and 543 dogs

How to Adopt from CARA

How to Adopt from CARA

For more information, visit our Adopt a Pet page.

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